10 Awesome Tools to Help You Improve Your Copywriting

According to research, it’s been noticed that more than 85% of business marketers out there use the content marketing strategies to market their content. Despite this let me tell you that most of the businesses apply the strategic quality copy that brings more sales.

Writing a copy is one of the essential things that you need to know about and if you’re not a professional copywriter I’ve shortlisted some of the best tools that will help you lot to create the best content out of it.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a copy for email, website, articles, sales, social media, etc. The following mentioned tools are the best options available out there.

So without any further ado let’s dive deep into it. 

Top 10 Best Tools That’ll Hell You To Improve Your Copywriting

There might be other options available out there but the following are the best in class tools available out there on which you can hand on to. So following are the genuine tools to improve your Copywriting.

1. Grammarly

Free Grammar Checker | Grammarly


Let me tell you first that I’ve been an advanced user of Grammarly that helped me a lot in improving the quality of the copy. You might know that bad grammar is the biggest enemy of copy so you might be not able to gain that reputation with grammatical errors.

So as to sort the grammatical error is you might need a good tool that will help you a lot and that’s what Grammarly provides you. Basically, it is a free extension that can be worked on Google’s chrome, safari, etc. To get your copy sorted with the grammatical errors on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc. Wherever you want.

Along with that, you can also download their Windows application straight on your machine. The browser extension of Grammarly sorts all of the grammatical errors. Along with the grammatical also maximize the quality of content by serving the good words that can be used accordingly.

Along with that, you will also get a monthly progress report so that you will be able to track one of your details in that report. The continuous use for the weeks will give you a badge that can be added into reports of your growth. If you’re in such an immersive tool this Grammarly could be a great option out there.

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2. TheSaurus.com


You might be knowing about the fact that the variety of words plays a vital role in maintaining a copy of sales that will lead all across the marketplace. Most of the time it becomes difficult, to sum up the right extension, most of the time it happens when the language which you have maintain is not your mother tongue.

In such cases even always take the help of Thesaurus.com which is widely used all across the globe for maintaining the quality of sales copy and the content which you’ve written. It is considered to be one of the biggest and most advanced pull out there that will get your job sorted by adding some more unique words for maintaining the balance in between.

One of the most important thing is it is easy to use as it’s user interface is quite user friendly.

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3. Word Counter


This is the most how to do in your list just because the word counter counts the words that are frequently used in your copy of the content. Just copy and paste the specific word you want and you’re done.

Following are the settings which you get in word counter:-

  • You can exclude the common words which are being used in the copy like the, it, etc.
  • Using only roots is essential that what word counter provides you.
  • You can manually select the number of words that you want to list. 

Workout helps you in the following couple of ways:-

  • The allows you to find the keyboard is that is essential in your copy. 
  • You can actually use the feature that can count the words that are being overused.

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4. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Most of the time it becomes difficult to find the awesome headline for your sales copy. Especially when you are writing a copy for someone special reason like Google ranking, selling the products, etc. And here comes the all-new coschedule headline analyser that will help you in various different ways.

Several researchers and theories are being applied for making your headline more attractive. The specific headline is being put into the analyser that will get your job Done. But at the very first you have to actually manually enter the headline as per your choice and just click on ‘analyze now’ and you are done, it will automatically detect all the essential headlines.

The very first report will show the score and if the score is below 70 or up to that you might be you need to maintain the digestible headline so that to rank on the search engine. The analyzer will automatically find the specified line that maximizes the score according to the SEO factor. Using a correct headline in the right manner is one of the essential things which you cannot ignore at all to maintain the sustainable balance between the sense copy that you want to showcase to your client.

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5. Hemingway

Hemingway is an All-in-One tool that provides some of the basic info about the copy like letters, words, characters used, etc. that makes your copy more impressive. Also, it counts the reading pattern too.

But one of the most important benefits of using Hemingway is that it automatically detects the errors by highlighting it as there  are different colors, I’ve mentioned them accordingly:-

  • The yellow color suggests that the sentence is much hard to read.
  • Red color shows that the sentence is very hard to read.
  • The purple color shows that the word can be replaced by some of the simple alternatives out there.
  • Phrases are represented by blue color significantly.
  • If the green line is over there it means that uses the passive voice.

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6. Read-able by WebPage FX

As the name suggests that the Read-able is basically an essential tool that will help to make your copy more advanced. If you want to create the best possible copy for your market then I will highly recommend you to go with this one too that gets your job much easier. The formulas of readability is been used widely across the globe to maintain sustainability in the copy.

What are the most important and vital thing is that you can actually run the tests URL and direct input, it doesn’t matter what you want to edit it allows you to what are the essential things as per your choice which is a great thing and none of the editors out there provides you a full-fledged control over it. So make sure to have an eye up in the tool to make your copy much impressive. 

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7. Wordable from growing and convert

Most of the time it becomes difficult that to fetch your data from one platform to another and that’s what wordable helps you. You can actually import the specific copy from your Google docs with WordPress too easily.

You just don’t have to change any font size or any of thing. Just right straight in your Google docs and maintain the balance it doesn’t matter in which pattern you are writing you can actually Fetch the same pattern becomes press so easily without any issue. As long there’s no need to change the font size and all.

The wordable lists the top 10 docs that you’ve written recently and you’re allowed to send it to the WordPress which is a very simple process. Let me tell you that whenever I use this tool my task becomes much easier as I don’t have to always edit the documents in WordPress.

8. Reverse dictionary

Most of the time happens that you have to look up for the words that you want to insert in the copy or the sales. In such a case reverse dictionary plays a Vital role that allows you to diversify the specific word that you want to. Also, you are allowed to see the specific meaning of the world that you want to mention in the copy or the sales.

Figuring out what you can do to make the content much impressive is the most important thing and that’s what a reverse dictionary provides you. You just need to type in front of the press search.

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9. RhymeZone


The very first thing you might click in your mind please the poetry session just because the word implies that I mean scheme that is essential to make the poem much impressive in terms of reading factor. That’s what RhymeZone provides you to make your content much impressive in terms of every aspect.

Just select the specific word for which the rhyming words you want and you will be replaced by the reasons that rhymezone provides you.

10. Edit any website

Editing and copy are one of the most important factors which most of the people out there might bother a lot. Edit any website that helps you to edit the specific sales copy so that to post it for the more wherever you want.

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 Final verdict

So I have discussed a lot more tools in this post that are essential for you to improve your copywriting techniques. It doesn’t matter where you are and online creator or a big business owner you will always need good copywriting skills that will maintain your balance of branding which is an essential factor that cannot be ignored at any instance.

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