Revisions Policy

As a part of our included features, revisions most certainly play an important part. This is touted as a security feature, allowing you to remain confident that the content you receive will meet your expectations. Our goal is always to provide you with content that is high-quality, rich in value, and error-free. In the event that an error made it past our editors, we provide around the clock services for immediate corrections. However, revision requests, initially, must be made within seven (7) days of notification of completion and delivery. Volume orders will be extended upon request.

What Constitutes a Revision?

A covered revision is any error on our part. This includes typos; misspellings; grammatical errors; criteria not included (i.e., criteria you have specified in your order, but was not included); incorrect tone or “voice” (as long as a specific voice was specified before writing commenced); any requests that were made prior to the commencement of the writing that were not completed to satisfaction (as long as any and all requests were made before writing began).

What is not covered under the Revisions Policy?

Initial revision requests must be made within seven (7) days of delivery with the exception of volume orders.

Elements that are not covered under our revisions policy includes requests made after the writing has commenced and/or been submitted. We understand that certain things may be forgotten during the initial startup process, and this is why you are able to go over every detail before develop commences who will attempt to collect any additional details of your project before writing commences. Once the specifications have been agreed upon and understood, or your order has been submitted, your content is written based solely on this information.

Our policy is to write your content based solely on the specified or agreed-upon criteria. This means that after the writing has been submitted, dissatisfaction based on areas that were not requested is still considered good service. In these instances, we are not liable for rewrites as per our revisions policy. In addition, sometimes personal taste can conflict. In these cases we will attempt to accommodate you in every way, however, our development team will always choose the direction based on industry research and statistical evidence to ensure the content you receive is quality.

– However –

Our goal is for each and every client to be 100% satisfied with their experience working with us. Our revisions policy is meant to provide a layer of security and confidence that your content is in good hands. While we cannot be held responsible for the exclusion of information/areas that were not requested/included/specified before writing began, new information can always be requested for inclusion in the next content piece/writing.

Unlimited Revisions

As long as your request is covered by our revisions policy, you can request unlimited revisions. The only exception to the unlimited revisions policy is that initial requests for revisions must be made within the first 7 business days after initial notification of successful completion and delivery of content. Initial revision requests made after 7 business days will not be accepted under our revisions policy. In these instances, our responsibility under our revisions policy is considered null and void.

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